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Bequest Language

There are several ways to phrase a will provision for Hendrix College's future benefit so that it will 1) meet the requirements for a valid bequest, and 2) accurately reflect your wishes as to the College's ultimate use of your legacy.

Unrestricted Bequests

Hendrix can use unrestricted bequests to help meet the College's most urgent needs at the time the bequest is received. Bequests like this allow Hendrix the greatest possible flexibility, and can be made with specific property, a sum or money, or as a percentage of your estate. While you should consult your attorney about the precise legal requirements necessary under your state's laws, here are some suggestions for language you and your attorney might include:

"I hereby give, devise, and bequeath to Hendrix College, located in Conway, Arkansas, (the sum of ___$) or (___ percent of my estate) or (specific items of property) or (the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate). This gift may be used to further the educational objectives of Hendrix College in such a manner as the Trustees of the College may direct."